Monday, 9 May 2011

Chanel Resort 2012

Come six months ago, the Pre-Fall collection from Karl Lagerfeld was a much more quieter affair from his usual extravagant presentations. Never fear the man with the black shades is back in his most 'glitz-and-glam' setting yet, Antibes- where luxury is only seen as a staple for the type of class you'd expect present in this town. On another note, Antibes is only a two-hour ride from the infamous Saint-Tropez where Lagerfeld presented his previous resort collection. How much two hours difference can make culturally to the Riviera region, as drawing comparison between the two towns you can notice the fashion is treated to an audience who prefer a glamourous & conservative style. The resort collection, presented last week, found a succinct level between playfulness & maturity- opening in a range of lemon dress suits, and closing on relaxed evening wear in black & white. Highlights include- the black mid-calf dress with the multi-coloured tiling embellishment around the top & bottom; the asymmetrical satin gown, with the high-thigh slit & pleated skirt; and the black evening gown with the biker-gillet with star embellishment. The collection seems a little too conservative & crisp for my taste, I cannot help but feel that maybe the billionaire ladies could roll in the mud to loosen their uptight appearances. Maybe in Antibes, it's becoming to be seen in a dress suit rather then a bikini.

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  1. I watched the full video to this show online yesterday. I thought it was brilliant, I noticed how much trouble Abbey was having in that dress you have her featured above. Kinda awkward to watch haha x