Sunday, 8 May 2011

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Christopher Kane


Whether you may be a fan or not of Christopher Kane's work, you cannot deny that his designs create a sense of vulgarity and discomfort. For the past few seasons, Kane has been clashing textile elements, creating what I consider a discussion relating to his postmodern interpretations in design. The discussion- where are the taste levels drawn in the 21st century fashion? Looking at the Spring/Summer 2010 collection, where Kane used the checkered print in a colour palettes of light blue, baby pink & light chocolate creating an ideology of innocence & naivety, and clashing the strong sexual dominance of corseting, slits and cleavage evoke. It's probably the designer's most literal interpretation of his aesthetic, which has lead his work to becoming more direct within provocation and textile innovation. Kane's journey, or fashion evolution if you'd prefer, is still at a constant learning progress- with his latest spring summer collection incorporating coloured-gel strips that you might find similar to little girls pencil cases. It may be his strongest approach, as he finds a suitable level between commercial wearability & conceptual ideas an artist voices. If you are not familiar with Christopher Kane I urge you to learn more about his work with his own self-named label, as well as the work he creates at Versus under the wing of Donatella Versace.


  1. Cheers, and Thumbs Up from a fellow Newcastle Blogger! Keep up the diligent work - it can be terribly quiet out there in blogland sometimes.
    Hunter Valley Hampers

  2. Yes please Christopher Kane, I love his runway surprises!

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